Top 6 Craziest Sports Riots in History

If there is one thing that almost everyone can agree on, it is that people are very passionate about sports – whether it is about competing personally, or betting on their favorite teams. It is as popular nowadays as gambling online with the STS Bet Bonus Code. In the world of sports, a great number of fans are so dedicated to their team that losing is difficult for them to accept. It is common to see the fans start rioting when their home team is playing an important match. In the past, the world has seen a lot of shameful sports riots. Even if some sports such as soccer, rugby, and baseball are more infamous for common sports riots, such events can happen in any sport. Here you can read about the top craziest sports riots in history.

 Stanley Cup Riot in Vancouver 

This event happened at the Stanley Cup Finals on the 15th of June 2011 in which the Vancouver Canucks were facing the Boston Bruins. Even before the match was over the audience started throwing bottles at the viewing screen and screaming “let’s go riot”. At least 4 people were stabbed, about 140 were injured and even one was in critical condition. A total of 101 people were arrested and in 2015, hundreds of people ended up being charged.

Stanley Cup Riot in Montreal 

In the 1993 Stanley Cup finals, the Montreal Canadiens were up against the Los Angeles Kings. After Los Angeles Kings lost the game, the fans were so angry that they started vandalizing public-private property, looting houses and stores, and setting cars on fire. Hundreds of people were arrested and the estimated damage was over 2 million dollars.

Port Said Stadium Riot

El Masry was facing Al Ahly on the 1st of February 2012, for the Egyptian Premier League. When El Masry won, the fans started attacking the Al Ahly fans by throwing different objects at them. This resulted in hundreds of people getting injured, and more than 70 with a fatal outcome. After this incident, the Egyptian Premier League was shut down by the government for the next 2 years.

Lima football Riot 

The Lima football riot is also known as the Estadio Nacional disaster. Peru was playing a qualifying match for the Tokyo Olympics against Argentina. Peru’s match-changing goal was rejected only a few minutes before the final whistle – which resulted in a riot in which the police were forced to use tear gas. Unfortunately, over 300 people were killed during the riot.

Ghana Riot

This riot happened on the 9th of May 2001 during a soccer game where the Accra Hearts of Oak Sporting Club played against Asante Kotoko. The accident happened at the Accra Sports Stadium in Ghana where over 120 people were killed due to the panic caused by the tear gas thrown at the crowd.

Red Star Belgrade Riot

This incident happened during Europe’s second-tier basketball league game where Red Star Belgrade played against Thessaloniki PAOK. Moreover, the ULEB Cup finals game was supposed to take place in the capital city of Serbia in 2006. Ultimately, the clash between the Red Star fans and Partizan fans who came to support the Thessaloniki PAOK. Flares were thrown and seats were broken in an indoor stadium which caused panic, but only a handful of people were injured in the riot.