The Relationship Between Social Class and Sport

Almost everyone loves playing and watching sports. Some stream it, some watch at the stadiums or at the courts, and some use Betfair Promo Code while watching the matches to add to their own fun. What we often don’t take into account when talking about sports is its relationship to social class. When talking about the relationship between social class and sports, the bond might not be evident but it still exists. Just like social status is influenced by social values, the same applies to sport. However, many social status indicators will affect the status in sports, as well. 

Society and Social Status

One of the definitions of society is that it is a structure composed of people with developed everyday life and culture in certain regions. Moreover, the people forming a society also created a common history, mentality, and culture denominators. Also, the goal is the feeling of belonging to that particular society. 

In addition, an individual’s place in this well-regulated structure will show that individual’s social status. Further, the status in society thus becomes a part of our own identity. For example, our formal or professional position might be the first thing we mention when meeting another human being. In essence, the social status indicated the level of importance of that individual in a society. 

Values in Society

Some of the core values of individuals with higher social status are wealth, education, gender, family, and success. In addition, these values can be sorted differently in different societies. Nowadays, in most societies, an individual will have to have power, money, and also fame in many branches to be considered successful. 

Some of the top branches include sports, arts, politics, economy, etc. In other words, in some societies, sports can also determine an individual’s social status. This is why successful athletes are valued and looked at as individuals of higher social status.

Sports and Social Status

As a cultural phenomenon, sports is a competitive, physically developing, and socializing activity of individuals. It can include the use of equipment, and it can be done as a hobby or a profession. Moreover, sports have certain rules and it props the development of an individual. In essence, sports allow people to live a healthy life, and it also helps them develop psychosocially and physically. 

Apart from the benefits, it has for the individual, sports provide social union as well as economical and cultural development in general. Another reason why the sport is associated with higher social status is the fact that it has a positive effect on younger generations. Making them stay away from criminal behaviour and increase their academic and social accomplishments. 

Sports can also act as a status determiner and change the athlete’s position in society. Being associated with equal democratic policies, the sport doesn’t differentiate between rich, poor, skin colour, race, or religion. This allows athletes to change the gained status in society through sports. In other words, the value of sports in any society is growing every day all across the globe.