Having a business nowadays without social media accounts for that business only diminishes the scope of what your customer base could be and how people see your brand. If we just think about how much time we spend online when we are playing casino games using JackpotCity Bonus Code, or watching videos, or even studying and working, we can realize easily that not using the place where people spend most of their time is a bad marketing strategy. Now, seriously, it may be a good idea to be active on the popular social media platform and interact with your potential customers. So, how should you use social media?

Choose Wisely

Many social media platforms are great for businesses. These include, but are not limited to, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. Here is where the problems arise. Content creators, artists, political activists, and trolls join other platforms where they can flaunt their creativity, provoke some people, and share their opinions, like Reddit, and Tumblr

It is important to check out your competition and check out their activity on social media. Where do they have accounts and where don’t they? What works and what doesn’t? 

Regular Posting

Branding and publishing content is incredibly competitive. That’s why all official and some unofficial channels on YouTube ask you to like, comment, and subscribe. You have to post ideas, events, promotions, or even just cute cat gifs every so often, or you are going to fade into the background of the average consumer. It doesn’t have to be every day or even every week. However, you need to let everyone know you are there.


People often collaborate with other people in an effort to boost their business. YouTubers give each other shoutouts or feature in other people’s videos, sports clubs promote the gyms they work with, and so on. You can find some influencers on certain platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok, among others (these are just examples). Also, you can find businesses that could be in the market for a partner, at least for a project or two.

Voice and Branding

What do you want your brand to say? It is important you project the image that inspires confidence and reliability. It is good to have a sense of humor about certain things, but don’t overdo it. Commenting on social issues can be a tricky thing. That doesn’t mean that you should stand idly by while important events are in motion. It just means that you should be careful. 


Remember, you are not just on the podium shouting info and showing videos into the void. Interact with your audience. Ask them questions. For example, you can post a picture of your workplace in the morning, followed by a comment along the lines of: “And how do you start your day?” Again, this is just an example. Another one is having an art contest where you give the winner a prize in the form of either money or some of your goods and services for free.


Establish some value without asking for anything in return. Start by talking about problems your potential clients may be facing and provide solutions. If you are an electrician, show them how to replace a socket. It is important to show that you have value. That means that, when you do have a call to action, there is going to be a response.