Sometimes, we need something extra at the end of the month to tie it all together. Earning money online has gained a lot of traction in recent decades. Language schools, app development, WordPress tweaking, server hosting, outsourced projects – it seems as though it is easy and lucrative to work online. Here are the best ways to earn money online.


The most lucrative option is to study and learn programming languages while keeping up with the latest changes and versions of the software.

You can do a whole bunch of stuff, depending on where your focus lies. You can design websites, make apps, work on a project to make a feature more user-friendly, create a new version of the existing software, design WordPress plugins, and so much more.

However, it is lucrative because it is demanding.

You need to be ready to implement changes at a moment’s notice, keep up with the latest changes in how things are done, deal with unreasonable clients, and more.


Tutoring online is somewhere in the middle when it comes to the payout-to-effort ratio. You can offer classes on various platforms dealing with various skills, but the most popular way to make a relatively comfortable sum of money is to teach languages online. Native speakers are often more valued than certified language teachers in some online schools. In fact, some of the classes and student’s only deal with the conversation.

Virtual Assistant

This one can be simple or demanding, depending on your boss.

You could be doing simple tasks, like scheduling appointments, doing reports on how the business is doing, sending emails, and making phone calls.

However, some companies and people tend to use virtual assistants as their personal fixers. You may be required to make content, produce and edit videos, make audio clips, prepare books for publishing online and offline, negotiate with potential clients and partners, fix a software bug or find a workaround, and so on. The pay usually follows the scope of duties, but this is not necessarily the case.

Content Creation

I’m not talking about YouTubers, though that falls into the category. Article writing is best-suited to those who don’t mind doing research and then producing pieces that are optimized for Google search results. Depending on the company, the pay grade is well worth the effort, especially when compared to some other jobs.

Outsourced Projects

Sometimes companies need a few lackeys to perform menial jobs so that the employees could focus on the more important bits. That’s where you come in. These are often the most mindless tasks you can do to make money online. They can range from clicking on images, doing surveys, editing, proofreading, or processing data while trying to find something. 

The gig is not permanent. When you are done with a project, you need to find another one. The pay is often ridiculous but, then again, so is the task given to you. Just make sure the pay matches the effort. You may need to go through a few companies and platforms for this one.