Technology is something that we rely on everyday: sometimes, people like to use it for entertainment, – by using สมัครสมาชิก BK8 or by watching countless seasons of their favorite TV show. But entertainment is not the only reason why we rely on technology. Namely, we are seeing new discoveries from the world of technology almost on a daily basis. Due to the ever-growing need for sustainable energy, scientists are finding new ways for us to live our lives without contaminating the environment. Moreover, there have been some significant discoveries in the field of medicine that will enable future generations to detect certain diseases beforehand and treat them in new and more efficient ways.

Bricks That Store Energy

After the solar powering roofs, scientists have found yet another way to power our homes without using conventional energy sources. Researchers from Washington University have found a way to store energy in red bricks.

Although the research is still ongoing, a breakthrough like this could mean that all homes around the world could be built with cheap material that can store energy and be recharged hundreds of times within one hour.

The method of turning brick into power sources includes a special conducting coating over them called the Pedot. The iron oxide, which is already present in the red bricks, helps with the energy conducting process.

Robotic Guide Dog

It’s hard for visually impaired people to take care of a real animal. Although it can be a rewarding experience, in some cases it can be a hard task for both the dog and the owner. This is why a student at Loughborough University made a robotic guide dog that can help visually impaired people get around without a cane or a real animal. The invention uses real-time data to calculate safe and fast routes for the person using it. The device is currently able to provide guidance for both outdoor and indoor locations. With the help of CMG, the robotic guide dog can move the user’s hand in the direction that that person should be going. 

Self-Repairing Concrete

Researchers from the University of Colorado are working on something that they call living concrete. They made this material by using gel, sand, and bacteria. This material is more environmentally friendly than concrete and it is capable of self-healing. Concrete is at the moment in the second place when it comes to the most consumed materials on our planet. And by changing it for something better can help us in preserving our environment. According to these researchers, this is one step in the right direction towards building materials that can self-repair, extract dangerous toxins from the air that we breathe, and perhaps even provide light at night. 

Tiny Living Robots

Scientists have found a way to make hybrid robots from the stem cells of frog embryos. If the research is successful, these tiny robots could be let into the oceans to collect microplastic. Or even inserted into the bodies of humans to treat a specific area that needs medicine. These xenobots are a new species that are neither living nor a traditional robot. But a new,  programmable organism.  

Sound Fire Extinguisher

In the future, we won’t have to use water to extinguish massive fires that are destroying forests around the world. Drones carrying sound emitters that produce loud noises can one day do that more efficiently and without putting anyone into direct danger. Scientists at George Mason University have discovered that at a certain frequency the fire dies out.