Nowadays, it would be nearly impossible not to be influenced by technology, even if we tried. Whether we like it or not, technology and its many innovations are all around us. We rely on it for many things: our daily communication via social media apps, our work, our entertainment (playing popular video games, or using Betano bonus for example). And the benefits of having it around can outweigh all the bad sides of using it all the time if we have a proper mindset.

People are so used to doing everything with one click on their touchscreens, that they tend to forget the real value of simple things like face-to-face conversations or even taking a simple walk to buy something they need.

Therefore, it’s inevitable that technology has a great influence on our thoughts and our behaviour. But, to what extent does that influence go? Let’s dig some deeper into this topic.

Losing Focus

Have you ever tried to have a meaningful conversation with somebody while you’re watching TV? Well, then, you know what technology does to one’s focus. Most of the devices around us like our TVs, mobile phone, laptops, or tablets, serve as tools that will easily connect us to our favourite form of entertainment. No matter if you like watching movies or playing video games online, or even browsing through clips on TikTok. The technology is taking away your focus from whatever you might be doing at that moment. Even though technology has enabled us to have easy access to different forms of entertainment and different sources of information, it can also be fatal for us to use it when we shouldn’t. For example, while driving. It’s been proven that when you answer your mobile phone and drive, your brain activity is reduced by 37%. 

Fear Of Missing Out

For those of you who don’t know what FOMO is, this can sound a bit strange. However, it has become a serious issue, especially among younger generations, who don’t know how the world without the Internet and social media networks looks like. FOMO or Fear Of Missing Out is connected to conditions like anxiety and irritation. It’s usually caused by comparing one own’s state or current action with those of others who are posting what they’re doing on their social media. Fear Of Missing Out is usually connected with the feeling of boredom and irritation with real life, and the desire to obtain something that you’ve seen online. 

Feeling Dissatisfied 

Even though there’s nothing bad about wanting to improve yourself and your lifestyle quality, you must understand that perfection doesn’t exist. Nowadays, due to so many influencers and “life gurus,” people tend to always want more out of themselves and push themselves to unthinkable limits in order to achieve a certain goal that is usually unrealistic. Nowadays, thanks to technology, people are led to think that they should always strive to become the best and number one at something. For some people, this can have a positive impact and push them to do better. However, a great number of people who achieve some results but not nearly enough as they thought they would start to think little of themselves and fall into depression.