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Friday, October 2, 2015

Marshall Islands Awarded Alternate Nobel Prize
Country recognized for courage over nuclear lawsuit

U.S. Congress Agrees On Nearly $400 Million For Guam Buildup
Military funded construction projects to increase significantly

PNG PM Questions Motives Behind Somare’s Complaint
O’Neill: ‘Self-serving’ action not in best interest of country

Embattled Solomons Port CEO’s Reform Efforts Pay Dividends
Controversial Yow returns $1.2 million profit to government

Bank Red Tape Prevents Access To FEMA Funds In CNMI
Non-citizens having trouble withdrawing money from bank

Evidence Of Fraud At Am. Samoa Retirement Fund Board
Police Commissioner call on Governor to fund auditor

Fiji Prepared To Accept Any Climate Displaced Tuvaluans: PM
Bainimarama tells Sopoaga they will never be refugees

Nauru Cutting Old Age Pension Payments From Protestors
Government accused of targeting all opposition

Quashing New Party Rumors, Samoa MP Remains Loyal To HRRP
Former Minister of Finance dismisses speculation he’ll split from PM

CNMI Governor Vetoes Unconstitutional, Unfunded Parts Of Budget
Inos chastises legislature for not giving him enough time to review bill

PNG Government To Lease Ports To ‘World Class Operators’
Lae, Motukea to be operated by private-sector investors

Delays In Resettling Refugees On Manus Causing Social Problems
Drugs, drinking, prostitution plague temporary placement facility

Conflict Of Interest Alleged At Am. Samoa Retirement Fund
Trustees should have recused themselves from bond purchase vote

Solomons Mining Company Lawyers Dispute Province’s Assertions
Renbel Province’s revocation of APID’s license has no effect

PNG Anti-Corruption Inspectors, Lawyer Face Perjury Charges
Taskforce Sweep chief blasts latest attempt to intimate

CNMI Congressman: Delay In Minimum Wage Hike Unnecessary
Sablan supports move by Am. Samoa but wants increase in Marianas

Futuna Chiefs Raise Possibility Of Independence From France
Concerned about exploitation of resources

France To Abolish Roaming Charges To Overseas Territories
Calls to cost the same throughout entire nation

ADB Funds Fiscal Reform Program In Tuvalu
Efficiency, transparency in public enterprises the goal

Indonesia Intelligence Agency Forms Papua Peace Task Force
Group reportedly aims to peacefully resolve problems



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