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Friday, September 4, 2015

Aus Says Pac Islands Forum Is Premier Pacific Grouping
Welcomes Development Forum Contributions

New Zealand Suspends Aid To Nauru
Ongoing concerns over civil rights abuses

PIDF Declaration Seen As Strong Political Move
Academic: Suva declaration may create waves at regional mtg

New Caledonia Minister Under Increasing Pressure To Resign
Interpersonal threats compound drunk driving conviction

UN Reviews Community Resilience In Vanuatu
Multi-sector projects in 12 communities since 2012

Melanesia May Have An Undiagnosed Oral Cancer Epidemic
Driven by smoking, alcohol abuse, and betel nut

Vanuatu Minister Admits Breaching Leadership Code
Bribery related to ‘no-confidence’ battle

Lawyer Blasts Fiji PM’s Sedition Comments
Matter before courts, usurping courts role

Head Of Prison: Papuan Activist Still In Jail
Amid reports early release imminent

Samoa Defended For Denying Athletes Entry Over Ebola Fears
Sovereign right to decline Sierra Leone athlete entry

Two More Arrested For Interference In Samoa
Police officer charged separately in relation to this case

Guam Passes Chemical Castration Bill
One of highest rates of sexual violence in the nation

Indonesian Military's Conduct In Papua Highlighted
Commander: maintain ‘unity and integrity’ of the nation

Lack Of Funding Forces PNG Ambulance Service To Close
Chronic delays in gov funding crippled operation

PNG's Opposition Leader Warns Of Tough Economic Times
Foreign exchange problems in buying oversea fuel



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 VOLUME 26, NO. 1, SPRING 2014

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