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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Rebels Demanding Al Qaeda Leader For Fijian Peacekeepers
Detention allegedly over UN ‘ignoring suffering of Syrian people’

Fiji Working Towards First Polls This Week
Elections Office preparing to send out 12,000 postal ballots

Vanuatu MPs Claim Fraud As Motion Withdrawn
No confidence motion against PM losing backing

CNMI, Department Of Public Safety Website Hacked
Group self-identifies as ‘Middle Eastern Cyber Army’

Head Of Fiji Army Pursuing Negotiations For Peacekeeper Release
Philippine peacekeepers stage 'greatest escape'

UN: Pacific Disaster Management Lacking
Institutional capacity should be bolstered across multiples sectors

ADB: Privatization Improves Performance Of State Owned Enterprises
Prognosis for Pacific, and based on examples of Solomons and Samoa

Pacific’s Largest Solar Array Opens In Samoa
Will help with reliance on diesel fuel

American Doctor Team Performs Challenging Surgeries In Marshalls
"Late stage" problems a reality of lack of access

Samoan Chiefs File Official Compliant To ADB
Objecting to reforms that could lead to alienation of customary lands


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